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Wayne offers his students a practical, "real-world" approach to navigating the world of show business, whether you're a beginner or seasoned union pro. You can work with him on college prep, refresh your audition monologues, get some tips on that upcoming TV casting, or virtually anything in between. He's also a legit musical theatre performer, so you can work on your audition songs too.

Since 2001, Wayne established a clientele of private students from beginners to experienced pros. Sessions have included primarily college auditions, theatre auditions, musical theatre auditions, TV & Film castings, and general career advice including resumes, agents, casting directors, etc. He's been on faculty of The Acting School of South Florida, The Acting Studio, Arts Alive, and the Gulfshore Playhouse.




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"I found Wayne to be so helpful when coaching me with my monologues or giving me recommendations with my songs. His insights are very right on and he always knows just what to say to help me perform more naturally and effectively. What I like most about his teaching style is the caring way he comes across. I never feel discouraged or put down by his notes. He has been an extremely positive influence and is honestly the best coach I've ever worked with. I highly recommend him to anyone at any level."

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Student Reviews

"Wayne is a brilliant and insightful teacher as well as an encouraging force from whose instruction anyone can benefit, regardless of his or her level of acting expertise. He was so wonderful to focus on the things that were problems or points of interest to me specifically, something I have no doubt is true for all of the students he meets. His clarity and on- the-mark explanation in all that we did together was an amazing help in understanding how to get emotions out of scenes and characters. He is a kind person, and one who is a joy to work with due to the fact that he is nothing but supportive. Thanks so much Wayne!"

- Jason, Princeton grad

"Thanks so much for the two double sessions this past weekend. They proved to be more than just coaching sessions. You did so much to restore the self-confidence that I had lost. You have helped me refocus my efforts and for that I am truly grateful. Your positive encouragement was really appreciated. Thanks so much for your very expert help.
- Nina, retiree, Sarasota, FL

"I believe that Wayne LeGette is an incredibly talented teacher! He has motivated myself, and others, to reach our maximum potential. He is very educated in many areas, and has helped me greatly with my recent film auditions. His patience, guidance and passion for the arts makes him a wonderful model to follow!"

- Hilary, working actress

"What can I say about Wayne? He is seriously such a savior. He is always there for me, and knows just what he's doing. He is such a lovely person, and I am beyond honored to work with him. He is also such a brilliant actor himself, and you should be so lucky as to catch him in a show! I recommend Wayne to anyone and everyone. Whether you are just beginning or need help for an audition, he is brilliant!"

- Kim, Student 

"Wayne LeGette is one of those rare breed of individuals who never cease to amaze you... whether it be his amazing talent, his wit, his intelligence... his ability to light up not only the stage, but the room with his friendship. He has been a constant source of guidance and support in my career, and is invaluable to my success as a professional actor. He is a tremendous asset to any production, and a teacher that can bring more out of you in a one session than most can in a year. I highly recommend him in any form or fashion in what he does best... theatre."

- Josh, working actor

"Wayne is a terrific, helpful coach. He encourages and critiques with equal warmth-really a pleasure to work with."

- Carolyn, working actress

"I was feeling very insecure about going on auditions and performing my monologues. so much so, that I would avoid going to auditions altogether. In just one session with Wayne, those fears pretty much disappeared and I find myself actually enjoying the audition process now. Wayne's help was invaluable to me." - John, working actor

"Wayne's coaching-- especially on Shakespearian monologues--has been invaluable to me. He gave me the confidence to go into auditions and feel that I could truly hold my own against anyone else reading. It is so rare to find a working professional who is both willing to share his knowledge and talent AND able to communicate it so clearly."

- Doug, working actor

"Wayne LeGette helped me prepare monologues for my college auditions. Through our lessons, he helped me to become such a better actress and even caused me to look at acting in a new and much more appreciative light. I never knew that one piece could be looked at and interpreted in so many different ways, and Wayne helped me to find the way that worked best for me. I remember talking to one of my friends after an acting lesson with Wayne and telling her what an amazing thing that acting was. Wayne helped me to realize that. One of the things that I really thought was amazing was that Wayne never told me to say one line in a particular way - he helped me not by acting FOR me, but by talking to me about the character and the situation so that my performance was still my own interpretation of the piece. Wayne NEVER knocked down my acting ability or made me feel bad about myself. He worked through optimism, and really made me feel comfortable and believed in me throughout our lessons together. Since he believed in me, I believed in me, and since I felt so confident I was able to perform my best and become the best actress that I could be. Wayne's coaching also helped me to be calm and collected during my college auditions. The way that I performed my monologues was much better and totally different after Wayne helped me than before Wayne helped me. Wayne gave me such confidence in my ability as an actress and helped me to believe in myself. Wayne genuinely cared about me and my performance and was always so positive throughout our lessons - Wayne was so optimistic, which made me really believe that I was not in over my head and that I really could perform my monologues well. Wayne's concern and optimism made me feel like I was not alone through this scary process of auditioning for colleges! My family also loves Wayne - he is so kind and an incredible person and friend as well as an acting teacher, and he is just a wonderful person to be around. He is also extremely intelligent. I learned this not only from how he coached me with my monologues, but from how he related to different members of my family - he was incredibly perceptive and read each member of my family to see how they wanted to be responded to - he really seemed to understand PEOPLE, which is one of the most important skills that an actor can have. I have been so privileged to work with Wayne - he is the best acting teacher that I have ever worked with or probably will ever work with, and I am so grateful to him for all that he has helped me to accomplish. No words can be used to tell you how much I recommend Wayne - work with him while you still have the chance, before he is on Broadway where he belongs! I am so lucky that I got a chance to work with him, because it has truly been an amazing experience."

- Avra, BFA NYU grad

"Wayne LeGette coached me for an audition that called for a classic monologue. He has an extensive knowledge of period pieces and he helped me select an appropriate character that suited me. We added nuances to my audition piece rather than focusing on portraying a period "character," which was very successful. Wayne is a great teacher--it was a pleasure to work with him."

- Deborah, working actress

"I found Wayne to be so helpful when coaching me with my monologues or giving me recommendations with my songs. His insights are very right on and he always knows just what to say to help me perform more naturally and effectively. What I like most about his teaching style is the caring way he comes across. I never feel discouraged or put down by his notes. He has been an extremely positive influence and is honestly the best coach I've ever worked with. I highly recommend him to anyone at any level."

- Lila, student

"Wayne LeGette has got to be one of the most versatile professional actors in all Florida. He is an actor from the heart. He is also one of the best acting coaches I have ever had!. But even more than being an actor or coach Wayne is my friend. He has the gift for meeting you where you are at artistically and bringing out the best in you as a performer. He has really helped me in really taking apart my monologues and hammering at them till they work brilliantly. He never intimidated me but always made me feel comfortable and proud of my work. He is honest and sincere and has a real heart to see his students become the most amazing actors they can. Auditioning for Conservatories and Universities or Acting Programs can be a strenuous thing. Wayne really made the process that much easier. He is the kind of talent you would expect on Broadway without the arrogant attitudes certain accomplished performers can have. To put it in simple terms WAYNE ROCKS!!!!!"

- Luis,  Musical Theater major, University of Miami

"I studied with Wayne in a classical course, focusing on the use of our voice and Shakespearean Monologues. Wayne immediately came across as a friend. As a coach, his kind words and his encouragement guided me through the discovery process and made it easy to learn and better yet, to perform. My confidence was lifted in his class and I believe it carried with me in the rest of my work. Wayne LeGette, though a working actor, still makes time to pass his knowledge and experience on to others with great passion. I would be thrilled to study with him again."
- Nicole, actress/model

"I have had the most pleasurable opportunity of working with Wayne LeGette during my senior year while attending Dillard Center for the Arts. As you know, senior year is often the most difficult and tumultuous period of adolescent life that one must go through. Being at a performing arts high school I had to deal with not only the pressures of classes, friendships, and college apps, but the added "bonus" of thespian festivals, military-style competition piece rehearsals and tryouts for the senior musical-the most prestigious of all high school productions. Mr. LeGette was there through the entire process and provided the expertise and knowledge of a seasoned professional and the guidance and unconditional love of a great friend. 

Wayne never turned down a request for help with a monologue or song, be it for inside or outside the classroom, as many of us worked in community theatre during the hours when we were not at school. He was always there to listen when I had a problem that didn't concern theatre and here he proved his knowledge exceeded that which he had learned simply from the arts. 

Mr. LeGette is a strong asset to any program he is involved in. He is a model to the students who work with him and a talented teacher and performer. He deserves only the best because that is what he brings to others. He comes with my highest recommendation."
- Samantha, Writer/Director

"Working with Wayne has been a great experience. He has helped me to become more expressive and truthful in my acting." 
- Tal , FSU Undergrad

"Wayne LeGette has had a large impact on my life. He has taught me the fundamentals of being a professional and successful actress. When I attended Dillard High School, Center of the Performing Arts, Mr. LeGette dedicated much of his time to guiding young aspiring actors. If I needed last minute coaching Mr. LeGette made my needs his focal point. He was able to perfect my strengths, and sharpen my weaknesses without making me feel inferior. Mr. LeGette's optimism is his most honorable attribute. I would recommend Wayne LeGette to anyone who was in need of an acting coach who wanted their teacher to care about their goals, and who wanted a true friend."
- Sarah, actress

"Working with Wayne LeGette was a great experience for me. Having seen him in I Love You, You're Perfect... several times had fostered a huge respect for him in me. When he came to coach performance pieces for competition at Taravella High School, I was very excited to meet such a professional and realize that professionals are, in fact, human. He has a great sense of humor and a deep wealth of experience-based advice about performing and life in theatre. He coached my friend and I in our duet acting scene from the musical ASSASSINS. A deep piece regarding the Kennedy assassination, Wayne helped us explore new sides of our characters that shaped those we had already made into a flawless scene. So flawless, in fact, that at the state level, we won Critic's Choice in our event and performed the scene in front of all 6,000 talented Thespians that had converged on Tampa--- a huge landmark in my early career that I'll never forget. What meant more to me that the scene work was the private chat Wayne and I shared as I walked him out of Taravella one day. He told me that he saw something in me that he believes is going to "make it". I asked a million questions about college, auditions, headshots, and every other possible question about working professionally. He gave me tremendous insight into his life and his route to where he is today. One of the songs he coached me on that day, Fate from the musical Kismet, helped me in being accepted to the University of Florida's BFA Musical Theatre program, which I begin in late August. I would like to say "Thank You" to Wayne and wish him much luck and success in the future. I hope to stay in touch with him as he is a very inspirational person with whom I felt we had much in common."
- Jonathan, Working Actor, University of Florida BFA grad