Voice Talent

Wayne has been involved in dubbing and voice overs for over 13 years. He has performed leading roles in hundreds of Telenovelas, cartoons, and foreign films, including The Ark which premiered at Cannes Film Festival. He’s recorded for Macias Group, The Kitchen, Universal Cinergia, Chrome Studios, RMP, Centauro, and many others.

Hear his voice work below...

Voice Over / TV Commercial

Wayne is the Voice of the South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center in this TV spot.

Voice Dubbing REEL

Voice Over Demo

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Wayne LeGette-VODemo (mp3)


Dubbing Projects

THE OWL - Cartoon

The Owl

Here I voice the recurring character of the Sheep in THE OWL. 

Already in English. 

MAYA THE BEE - Cartoon

Maya the Bee

Here I voice the recurring role of Flip, the Grasshopper. There’s singing in this one too! 

Already in English.

THE ARK - Cartoon

The Ark

Here's a short clip featuring me as the Mutinous Tiger on Noah's Ark. This film was featured at Cannes in English in 2007. 

Already in English

THE WAVE - Feature Film

The Wave

I voice the lead in this Norwegian disaster film. He must save his family, and the world from a giant Rock slide/Tsunami. 

Please be sure to change the audio to English. 



I voice the role of the hunky Larbi. Love interest to the lead female. He’s featured in most every episode. 

Again, change the audio to English.